CSC Cyclone RX-3 – First “small” new adventure bike on the market?

It’s going to be awesome, folks.  It’s the perfect motorcycle, and it’s coming to you from CSC!

These bikes will be available as soon as we finish the US certification process, and that should be before the end of the year.   We’re certifying them for all 50 states, and when we’re done, the only questions are what color do you want your new CSC Cyclone to be, and where are you going to ride to?   Alaska?   Canada?   Baja?  Tierra del Fuego?

but how about Europe?

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New Honda Africa Twin Finally Revealed at EICMA? » ADV Pulse

It would seem with the unveiling of a new Africa Twin, Honda has been listening to a growing throng of Adventure Riders unhappy with the trend toward over-sized Adventure Bikes unsuitable for serious off-road use. According to Honda, their new light weight, off-road capable Adventure Bike was developed to withstand the harshest conditions of a round-the-world tour.

Finally a bike that can still go offroad?

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250cc Superhero: Not-So-Secret Identity And Backstory

In March of 2012, a year into my motorcycle license and 2 starter bikes in, I test drove a brand new 2009 Vespa GTS 250. An hour later, the title was mine. Since then, I’ve taken it on groceries runs, day trips, and then longer trips. I attended rallies, and visited 2 of North America’s capitals on scooter. I drove it through all seasons, and took it camping. I had it painted blue, after a run-in with the asphalt on a rainy Boston day.Rain gear, FTW.This year, I plan to take my scooter on its greatest journey yet: across America, to all four corners of the United States okay, maybe I’ll skim the northern most, we’ll see. Whatever doesn’t fit into a local storage unit will be sold to help fund travel or donated, and I ride without a home to return. All I know is I’m going coast to coast — everything between remains to be decided. Follow me across America on my 250cc scooter!

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